"All of our expectations were met"

"Dear Clare,

Thank you for all your input into the purchase of our new vehicle and it was indeed a pleasure to see both you and Glenn on Wednesday when I took delivery of it, it is indeed a wonderful job that you have all done.

The following day we took a trip to the local seaside resort for an outing and all of our expectations were met in access, higher seaing position and travel. Ryan made use of the handrail system which not only aided him during his access and departure but during the journey. His dog, Princess sat with him througout the journey and was able to look out the window which pleased him greatly.

Once again thank you for all your input it is indeed a wonderful conversion, well finished in every way with the adaptations being of an excellen design and fitted unobtrusively into the vehicle, it certainly was well worth any wait.

Kind regards,


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