Who We Are

Hillside Leisure was established in 2004 and is owned and managed by two brothers, Adrian and David Cross. The two of them have many years of experience in the motor industry and even more years of enjoying camping with friends and family.

Based in Derby, we realised years ago that there was a serious shortage of high quality campervans and motorhomes that were flexible and suitable as everyday vehicles. Being enthusiastic campers ourselves, we knew all too well the hassles of going away in the traditional caravans and motorhomes that were often too big to be used for anything other than parking on a campsite. So we decided to develop our own range that were not only suitable for exploring your holiday location with ease, but that could also be used just as well as an everyday vehicle.

What We Do

From our factory in Derby we design, build and sell our range of campervans. Rather than sit on your drive all year round, our core models are designed to be easy to drive and suitable as everyday vehicles, while maintaining a high level of quality.
This is all achieved using hands on research, allowing us to develop the most efficient techniques and acquire the very best tools and technology from around the UK and Europe. Combined with the workmanship of some of the best British craftsmen in our industry, we have created a range of campervans and motorhomes that are not only of a high quality, but also combine traditional values with modern technology and styles to create the campervan for today.

What sets us apart

Our award-winning range of high quality campers and motorhomes continue to move with the times as we invest in our ever-growing team of highly skilled craftsmen and the latest technology. We feel this is reflected in the awards we've won, both for our models and the design to the customer service we provide. After all we do our very best to provide you with the campervan of your dreams. We utilise many different techniques, often simple, from traditional skills to the latest, cutting edge machinery.

While we obviously want you to have the very best campervan you can, we also want it to be safe. As such we work to the highest standard of approval for our range, putting in the extra time and effort to make sure that our vehicles not only pass the minimum standard, but that they also pass the highest standard possible for our industry.